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About our gallery:


In our gallery you will find: pictures of the escort girls, Bio's of the escort girls and all the details that you need to book the escort girl of your choice. In the contraire of most Amsterdam escort sites we do not have a open ( for everyone to see) gallery.

This is for a reason...

Most of the escort girls that we represent are Dutch and they do live in Amsterdam, Holland.

The escort girls are not from Eastern Europe or even the former Eastern European countries. They are not in the escort job because they have no alternative or no regular income. They work as an escort on the side and for the very same reason you are visiting the Amsterdam Escort Site:

The ZsaZsa Escort Girls want to have fun!

Same like you they have a life, a job, a study, family, friends and colleagues.

No one wants to be discredited or exposed as a client of escorts and in our case it is the same:

No one wants to be exposed as an escort girl!

Of course you all want to know you are inviting to your place same as we want to know where we are going and with who.

That is in short the reason why we have an protected gallery. To gain access you should be over 18 and look at our pictures in a confidential and careful manner.

To get the password to our gallery send a mail to: Gallery@zsazsa.biz

The pictures that are on our gallery are real pictures of the girls in the way they want to be promoted. We also do not keep records of clients names, preferences and such. We do not gossip and everyone's privacy is equally important to us.

Discretion is guaranteed, not only for our customers but also for the ladies and gentlemen that we represent.

We count on you to understand and approve such a policy.


From young, sexy and fun, to elegant, mature and classy...

From blonde to exotic, dark, latina or ebony...

There will always be one,two or three of our escort girls to suit your requirements.
Amsterdam escorts come in all sizes, ages and nationalities. If the girl next door is your type, that's ok. Should you prefer a young escort or someone more mature, that's ok too.

As long as you are clean, polite and adult you are welcome!


ZsaZsa eSCORT aMSTERDAM may -03- 2017contact


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The ZsaZsa Amsterdam Escort Agency strongly appose's to any kind of force, both physical or mental. We also do believe that being an escort is a very nice job if it is done the right way!

For more information or an appointment send an E-mail to Ruby@zsazsa.biz
She will reply your mail straight away.

ZsaZsa Escort Amsterdam represents

the most beautiful independent European and exotic escort girls.

For ZsaZsa escorts this is a part time job, not a career. We want to have fun and quality time. You'll notice the difference.

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