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If you're looking for an escort job just call 020-600 36 36 or mail us. We are always interested in meeting independent people to join our group of friends. If you feel that you can add something and join our advertisements let us know!!

About us: We are in business since 1997 working as a professional booking agency. We can provide you with the best clients that are into the escort scene today.

Everything that we do to promote you we will be talked over with you first. You are the one giving the ok on pictures, do's and don'ts and even background color of your personal pages. We look after safety, locations and transportation the best we can and always try to match you with the type of clients that you prefer!

We are proud to say that our team, our clients and the girls that we represent are friendly and treat each other with respect. If you would like to know more or make an appointment with one of our team members you can send us a mail or call our office.

Underneath we have some useful links concerning sex workers topics. This information might be useful to you. It includes "de rode draad" our sex workers union, the gg&gd where you can go for medical checkups and a link to the "stichting tegen vrouwenhandel" where you should go if someone is trying to make you do this job if you do not feel like it.

The ZsaZsa Amsterdam Escort Agency strongly appose's to any kind of force, both physical or mental. We also do believe that being an escort is a very nice job if it is done the right way!

Below we've put some useful links for sexworkers:

PIC Amsterdam Information

Against Women trafficking

Sexworkers & health

Soa Aids Logo Amsterdam

Belgium Sexworkers Union

Amsterdam Sex workers Union

Getting out?

If you think your organisation and link should be on this page, let us know?

For more information or an apointment call locally: (020)-6003636 International+31 (0)20-600 36 36
Or send an E-mail to Ruby@zsazsa.biz
She will reply your mail straight away.

ZsaZsa Escort Amsterdam represents the most

beautiful independent European and exotic escort girls.


For ZsaZsa escorts this is a part time job, not a career.

We want to have fun and quality time.

You'll notice the difference.

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